It affects our climate, the weather, global temperatures and humanity’s food supply.

It is home for
countless species.

The ocean feeds us,
entertains us,

connects and
inspires us.

It covers 2/3 of the
planet we live on.

And yet, we don’t
treat it wisely.

human activity is threatening the ocean and those who call it home.

It was once thought the
ocean was “too big to fail.”
We now know…

Marine ecosystems around the globe are suffering from pollution, rising sea temperatures and overfishing.

16 countries came together to form the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy (Ocean Panel).

And they share a common ambition for the ocean. Together, they committed to rebalancing our relationship with the ocean by:

effectively protecting habitats and wildlife,

producing sustainably, and

cultivating an equitable and prosperous ocean economy.

Actions speak louder than words.

The Panel put forward 74 priority actions

to achieve this ambition.

Let’s dive into some experiences from around the world and learn how ocean farmers, scientists, artisan fishermen, researchers and government workers are helping to lead the way to a sustainable ocean economy.

These stories show how far the Ocean Panel has come and what is possible if all countries steer in the same direction…